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Learn more about the founders, inventors, and Aerators-in-Chief of the Box-Ae-RATOR.

Our Founders

Molly and Dillon Ambrose serve as the Aerators-in-Chief of BOX-Ae-RATOR, LLC, a company born in 2019 to produce and sell the BOX-Ae-RATOR, a patent-pending device designed to bring proven methods of aeration to Box Wine, the first such device on the market. 


Molly and Dillon live in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI, a neighborhood, in a city, they adore. The BOX-Ae-RATOR was born in the living room of their century-old home, whilst drinking box wine, fretting about tuition payments for their four children, and maintaining a firm and ardent belief that aeration would benefit Box Wine equally, if not more than its bottled counterparts.

Molly and Dillon started their love for wine together, a journey that began in Milwaukee, evolving throughout their journey while Dillon was active in the U.S. Navy, living in Fort Worth, Texas, Naples, Italy, and Washington DC, and eventually back in Milwaukee after leaving active duty.  Box Wine has always been in their arsenal, though the quality and variety have increased tremendously since those early days. 

Molly and Dillon also seek to eliminate the stigma attached to Box Wine.  Box Wine is ecologically-sensible, economically-advantageous, and attendant to moderation, simply better packaging than bottles for the majority of wines that are meant to be drunk, not saved. 

BOX-Ae-RATOR, LLC is a veteran-owned, family-run, Milwaukee-based company. 

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