The Box-Ae-RATOR Story

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and the BOX-Ae-RATOR is no exception.  Who doesn't want to improve upon the quality of their box wine with every pour?  No other product exists that seeks to apply the well-founded principles of wine aeration to Box Wine.  Prior to this invention, one would need to hold one's glass under the box wine spigot, and the other hand to hold the glass, leaving no third hand to hold the aerator in between.  The BOX-Ae-RATOR provides that third helping-hand.  Inspired by this need, whilst sipping on some fine Box Wine, we invented the BOX-Ae-RATOR, a device engineered to bestow the benefits of aeration with each pour of wine, no matter its packaging.  

While stationed in Italy with the Navy, we acquired a deep love for wine, but not the pocketbook to enjoy it when we moved back stateside.  As we sought lower-price, quality options, we discovered that many Box Wines were actually quite good.  Tossing stigmas aside was easy when the result was an enjoyable wine at an affordable price.    

Around that same time frame, we discovered the benefits of aerating young bottled-wines with a handheld aerator.  Until recently, those two discoveries never collided, staying in different lanes in the wine universe, despite the fact that the bottled wines that benefit from aeration are of the same age, quality, and ilk as the Box Wines that benefit from aeration.

The BOX-Ae-RATOR finally marries these concepts together, making use of aeration in the Box Wine realm, a perfect, yet unrealized union.  This product is an investment that will reap rewards for years, doubling the value of your Box Wine, with every single pour. 


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