Step One

Hang elongated arch behind spigot of box wine, between the two translucent rings.

Step Two

Place wine glass under aerator and unplug.  If you have used the BOX-Ae-RATOR previously, pour the remaining wine from the plug well into your glass prior to pouring.

Step Three

Pour the wine through the aerator and into the glass by pressing the spigot.

Step Four

Plug the aerator by placing thumb on tethered connection for leverage, while using forefingers to plug the device.

Step Five

Enjoy your beverage.

BOX-Ae-RATOR | boxaerator: The Box Wine Aerator - BOX-Ae-RATOR

How to Clean

Keep your Box-Ae-RATOR clean by rinsing with soap and warm water after each evening's use.

Or after each day's use, we judge not. 

  • Fasten In the Right Place

    Make sure to fasten the loop behind the spigot, around the translucent plastic ring. We have seen people just place the loop over the black spigot.  Placementaround the translucent plastic ring will provide more stability when using the BOX-Ae-RATOR.

  • Don't Unleash the Gates of "Heaven."

    Once attached properly, GENTLY press the spigot to open up the wine valve, especially for a new box of wine.  Full throttle could result in some splattering, so please go easy and release slowly and surely.

  • Keep the Floors Clean

    Keep the Persian or white shag rug away from Box Wine, with or without BOX-Ae-RATOR. Pour on a counter, over some easily-cleanable flooring. My seven-year old provided an unsolicited demonstration at Thanksgiving over my aunt's basement carpet, and it did not go as he expected, though a thoroughly valiant effort. My aunt did not care, but someone might. Just like any red wine, pour around things less likely to stain.

  • Plug After Pouring

    Once the pour is complete, drop your wine glass slowly beneath the BOX-Ae-RATOR.  This allows drips to be caught in the glass. Plug theBOX-Ae-RATOR, while the glass remains underneath, using your two forefingers to push the plug upwards, while using your thumb on the tethered connection.  If you do not plug, you'll have some spillage on the "cleanable flooring (see No. 2 above)," which is not the biggest deal, but regardless, to the extent we can prevent this, let's do so.

  • Don't Unplug Before Pouring

    This is a mistake I have seen on a few occasions (usually post-midnight).  Place your wine glass beneath the aerator and unplug BEFORE you pour.  If you continue to pour whilst plugged, the wine will pour over the top of the BOX-Ae-RATOR.  

  • Almost Gone...

    Speaking of, when some Box Wines start becoming increasingly empty, as they often do, the BOX-Ae-RATOR may make the Box Wine top-heavy, and prone to topple.  In that event, we recommend donning and doffing the BOX-Ae-RATOR with each use.  The accompanying stand will hold the aerator between uses.

  • Box Positioning

    Each Box Wine will be different, so you'll need to angle each Box Wine on yourcounter-top, picnic table, tailgating vehicle, or any other surface in the way that will best allow it to hit the aerator closest to the middle, and down into your glass.  The silicone allows for some bend, so as the Box Wine container becomes less full, you may need to tip it forward to extract the sweet, sweet juice. 

  • Mind An Extra 2oz?

    Stop pressing the spigot before you get to your desired amount.  There is a space of time and volume between the time when you stop pressing the spigot and the time it takes for that wine to exit the aerator and into your glass. Uh oh, your 4 oz glass of wine just turned into a 6 oz glass of wine.  I personally think it is a surprise bonus, but others may feel differently, especially those with only a 4 oz glass.  So, be aware that when you stop pressing the spigot, more wine will be coming, so either plan ahead or roll the die, Maverick. 

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